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Increased Productivity Through Professional Janitorial Services

In order to keep your business operations running smoothly, and your team healthy, and productive, a professional janitorial cleaning program is the key.  At Oake Facilities, we work with our facility managers and business owner to establish janitorial service goals and expectations tailored to their business needs and facility.  By taking into account equipment, chemicals, timing, and frequencies of your cleaning service tasks we are able to proactively develop and implement a commercial janitorial service program that increases your teams productivity, mood, safety and overall company perspective.

Scalable Janitorial Services Across Multiple Industries

With our experience, at Oake Facilities we partner with facility managers and business owners across Ontario to provide healthier, cleaner, and more productive environments for their teams and customers.  Our extensive knowledge of the janitorial service industry enables us to implement scalable cleaning services, modern technology, and equipment to lower janitorial service program costs at scale while improving results for our customers.

Next-Level Janitorial Services Tailored to your Needs


At Oake facilities we don’t cut corners, we clean them.  The environment you create for your team members and customers  directly reflects on your company values.  As one of the fastest-growing janitorial service companies in Ontario, we understand that janitorial services are often viewed as an expense and not an investment.

We believe tailored janitorial services are an investment in your business’s appearance, brand, and also an investment in the quality of work life for your team.  Our Experience in the janitorial cleaning service industry enables us to evaluate equipment, chemicals, timing, and frequency’s that are required based on your space and business operations.  By working with our customers and truly understanding problem areas, opportunities and priorities our clients quickly see Oake Facilities as a partner in their success and not a janitorial service expense.


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Specialty cleaning capabilities


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Getting Started with Janitorial Services

Every building and office space is unique.  Therefore, janitorial services should be tailored to each facility’s needs based on the operations of your business.






Janitorial Service Assessment

Complete Janitorial Services to meet your building’s cleaning needs that create a cleaner and healthier workspace for your team.  We evaluate and establish key goals and metrics you are looking to see out of your janitorial service.


Janitorial Service Design

Our team of professionals works with you to create a janitorial service schedule and program tailored to your facility’s needs.  This process includes determining chemicals, equipment, possible technology that can be utilized, possible service optimizations, and frequencies for each task.  On day one of Oake Facilities cleaning your building our team knows exactly what needs to be done and have a detailed roadmap of your expectations.


Janitorial Service Implementation

Once your Janitorial service assessment and design are complete it is time for Oake Facilities team members to implement and execute your janitorial service program.  With clear communication, guidance, and expectations our teams of janitorial professionals are geared to exceed your expectations.


Re-Assess and Improve

Consistent and frequent service auditing is performed by our dedicated janitorial service managers to ensure your janitorial services are up to standard and delivered on time.  Consistent communication and transparent task tracking enable our teams to review and improve your janitorial service.  


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Every building and office space is unique unique.  Therefore, commercial cleaning services should be tailored to each facility’s needs based on the operations of your business.


Janitorial Services

Complete Janitorial Services to meet your buildings cleaning needs that create a cleaner and healthier workspace for your team.

Our team of professionals works with you to create a cleaning schedule tailored to your office whether that be daily, bi-weekly or weekly cleaning.  Our team of professional office cleaners will exceed your expectations!

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Day Porter Services

Our Day Porter services not only clean, but also help support the image of your facility and ensure that customers, employees, and tenants are always satisfied. Our Day Porter can provide you as a facility manager with an invaluable service, they keep your facility clean and in good standing by helping you tick off items that can quickly overwhelm your to-do list. Your Day Porter will provide vital services that keep your building running smoothly, like

  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, and patios
  • Verifying entrances so they are always looking their best
  • Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Restroom Restocking
  • Boardroom setup/tear down




Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

The harsh winters and high traffic of your office can take a toll on your floors.  Taking care of your commercial flooring and carpet means they will last longer and appear cleaner.   A scheduled maintenance program with your Oake Facilities floor care team can help.

At Oake Facilities we have worked with a wide range of floor types, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, tile, concrete, carpet, and more. The experience of working with this variety of flooring can provide insight into efficient and effective carpet cleaning and floor care.

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Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services leave you with clean and streak-free windows the first time.

Oake Facilities utilizes a modern soft wash system enabling us to clean windows up to three stories in a timely and efficient manner every time.

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Why Companies Choose our Cleaning Services

Oake Facilities is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing janitorial service companies.  We provided janitorial services, cleaning and specialty facility maintenance services to industry-leading clients with the highest standards for performance and quality assurance.


Advanced Technology and Equipment

Scalable processes, technology, and equipment help our customers and team members raise standards, and lower janitorial service costs at scale while increasing the cleaning output and quality of results.

Dedicated Service Manager

Oake Facilities provide an easy-to-use solution for all your janitorial needs so you can focus on your business.  Our dedicated service managers understand that communication is the core of delivering exceptional janitorial services.  Providing our customers with tailored inspection reports and proactive solutions to possible issues before they arise.

On-Going Training & Auditing

We assemble a professional cleaning and janitorial team with the right skills to serve the size and specific needs of your operation. Working with a trained team of professionals, we reduce turnover, increase overall reliability, and ensure that your needs are met while implementing training programs specific to your facility to ensure increased performance and deliverability.

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Facilities We Clean

Our years of experience performing janitorial services and creating tailored cleaning programs enables us at Oake Facilities to be able to serve a vast variety of customers in multiple industries.  We understand that every customer’s facility and building is different and have the knowledge to bring a modern approach to cleaning your facility.

Commercial Facilities



Industrial Facilities

Banking and Financial

Sports and Entertainment


Healtcare Facilities


Educational Facilities


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What services do you offer?

We are a commercial cleaning service company offering services ranging from Janitorial services, day porter services, carpet cleaning services, floor care, window cleaning, and more.

What size of facilities do you Service?

At Oake Facilities we offer janitorial services to facilities of any size.  From a 1,000 square feet office to multi-million square feet portfolios for property management companies and shopping centers.  We create janitorial cleaning programs that meet your commercial facilities’ needs.

Find out more about the type of facilities we offer janitorial services to and the industries we serve.

Do you offer special COVID-19 cleaning?

Yes, we do.  Any commercial cleaning program is not complete without a disinfection plan of action implemented.  We offer complete disinfection and fogging services.  We also work with our customers to provide them with increased cleaning and disinfection services during business hours through our day porter services.

Do you offer day porter services?

Yes, we do.  you can find out more about our day porter services here.

Do you clean after business hours?

The majority of our janitorial services are performed outside of your business hours.  We clean while you sleep!

What is your cleaning frequency?

We work with our customers to create janitorial service programs that work best for them.  This usually entails cleaning anywhere from one to seven days per week.  Prior to starting any janitorial services at your facility our team of experts will discuss with you and put in place a commercial cleaning plan of action tailored to your needs and expectations.

What areas do you service?

Through our extensive partnerships with service partners and our team of dedicated cleaners, we are able to offer janitorial services to customers across all of Ontario.

What type of commercial facilities do you service?

Anything that can be cleaned we service!  Working with you we will establish the required services and frequency to ensure your property can shine.  Most of our janitorial services include the following industries:

  • commercial buildings
  • aviation facilities
  • government facilities
  • banking and finance
  • industrial facilities
  • healthcare facilities
  • sports and entertainment facilities
  • retail facilities
  • hospitality facilities
  • educational facilities

Find out more about our industries.

Janitorial SERVICES


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